Underwater Modeling Mexico

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Underwater Modeling Mexico

We don’t know how big your desire is to try your hand at Underwater Modeling. However, we are sure that the photos you happened to see on the internet have certainly aroused your curiosity.

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Some questions

The first question that probably came to your mind is how much truth is in those images. And how much instead it is the result of a skilled photo editing.

What will ever be behind those photos in which a model poses underwater without any apparent effort?

What makes her so ethereal, graceful, and weightless at the same time?

And why are we so attracted to them? 



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A possible answer

Well, let’s start from the last question.

We are firmly convinced that the magic of those images, as well as of any other activity that takes place underwater, can easily be linked to an atavic and primordial dream: the dream of flying.

We spend our life forced “on the ground” by gravity. We don’t even have wings to hover as birds do. And, if we fly, we do it aboard very heavy flying machines.

Yet we happen to dream of flying. And doing it gives us an immense sense of freedom. The same occurs underwater.

Divers know this very well. And that’s what they feel when, with just breathing and a well-calibrated jacket, they manage to stabilize their depth, just like fish with the swim bladder.

Diving is, therefore, a bit like flying. And modeling underwater as well.


Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico

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Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico


What are the best places for Underwater Modeling?

We are based in Cancun and cover Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the whole Riviera Maya, where our underwater photoshoots take place all year round. The possible locations are…

Pool Underwater Modeling Mexico - Sebi Messina Photography

Swimming pool

Swimming pools are probably the most comfortable solution. The depth is constant, the water is usually quite transparent, but it contains chlorine so that the eyes will burn a little bit. Although the background isn’t all that interesting, if you can’t swim, it’s still the best option.

Underwater Modeling Mexico


The sea is undoubtedly a much more fascinating location than a swimming pool. However, both the weather and the transparency of the water must be perfect, which may not always be the case…

The photo you see here was taken at the MUSA – Cancun Underwater Museum – which is located right in front of Cancun a few hundred meters from the coast of Isla Mujeres at a depth of about eight meters. That day, more than an underwater modeling session, we took pictures of America doing her first open water dive.

It is easy to understand that Underwater Modeling at sea, in a location like the MUSA, is only advisable for models who are advanced divers.

Underwater Modeling Mexico - Sebi Messina Photography


Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico


For several reasons, it is probably the best solution both in terms of simplicity and quality of the finished product.

  • The photoshoot is not affected by weather conditions
  • The water is always crystal clear.
  • It contains neither salt nor chlorine.
  • It is like a huge freshwater aquarium
  • The vegetation all around is magnificent.

For more information, please visit our page Underwater Trash The Dress

Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico - Sebi Messina Photography

What are the requirements for modeling underwater in a cenote?

You just need to know how to swim. If you use contact lenses, we suggest you remove them before diving. That’s it.


Do I need to have previous modeling experience?

Not at all! 99% of our underwater sessions took place with ordinary people without any previous modeling experience, neither underwater nor on land.


What to wear?

There are no fixed rules, but the first thing we suggest is to wear something you feel comfortable with. The second is the colour, which must be light and solid. The third is the length, which should amplify the sense of lightness and the “lack of gravity” effect.

But you can decide to wear just a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit. In any case, we will add our colourful fabrics, plus other props.

Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico

Are there any age or weight restrictions?

If we combine Underwater Trash The Dress, Modeling, Maternity, Anniversaries, Engagements … in the past few years, we have made almost two hundred underwater sessions.

We, therefore, photographed people of all ages and weights. Some of them were very young; others were mature ladies well over 60. Some were very confident, others a little shy. From each of them, we have always brought out the best.

Years later, we cannot forget a woman in her early forties, who was so reluctant, and with such low self-esteem, that she thought it wasn’t even worth trying. Today, she still considers that photo session as the moment when an ugly duckling turned into a wonderful swan.


Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico

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Cenote Modeling - Sebi Messina Photography
Cenote Underwater Modelling in Mexico - Sebi Messina Photography

Cenote Underwater Modelling in Mexico - Sebi Messina Photography
Modelling in a Mexican Cenote - Sebi Messina Photograhy

Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico

Underwater Modeling Mexico

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Cenote Underwater Modeling Mexico

Underwater Modeling Mexico

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